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agricultural sustainability2022

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Agricultural Sustainability
Ecological & Psycho-social Foundations Talk - 2022

Enabling meaningful change: Ecological and Psycho-social Foundations for Agricultural Sustainability.
17 & 18 March 2022 – Shine Dome, Canberra.

Download notes from lecture: Deepening Sustainability: Change from Within – Stuart B Hill

Ecological and Psycho-social Foundations for Agricultural Sustainability

I consider that focusing on the following three areas of ‘key enablers’ will help agriculture to become significantly more ecologically sustainable; & able to support equitable wellbeing, meaningful work & healthy (& aesthetic) landscapes & their biota.

  1. Inclusion of psycho-social understandings & actions in all initiatives;
  1. Redesign of all systems, in the service of ecologically sustainable & humane values; &
  1. Developing pathways to longer-term whole system change from doable, contextually-relevant, individual & collaborative initiatives.

This will require those involved in sustainable change to develop and improve their competencies in:

  1. Effective communication, based on relational psychology & artistic creativity;

  2. Design/redesign and management of agroecosystems, based on agroecosystem science, & its relationships within whole systems; &

  3. Cultural change for enabling progressive system transformation (our psycho-social evolution), based on social psychology & wisdom.

The challenge I face is communicating the importance of this approach to change, and working with others to implement initiatives within our fields of practice.

I will use stories from my 50+years of doing what I am advocating to support and illustrate the nature of this approach; also to explain how I came to develop this understanding.

This has been enabled by my having been mentored since the 1960s by leaders in related fields, and colleagues and students, to whom I will for ever be grateful.

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